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November 13, 2001

Dear Dominican Sisters:

This letter is an expression of my heartfelt gratitude to Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo for all the blessings and favors I have received through her intercession. I have started praying her booklet last October 14, 2001, just before our semestral break. I pray it twice a day and I am very optimistic that through her intercession my longing may come true. I wished two longings as I have started praying since it was in my hands.
First, I wish that I can go home during our semestral break and may my elder brother finds another job for he is the one supporting my daily needs. I pray unceasingly to Mother Francisca that through her intercession the favor I asked may be granted.

One day before our semestral break, I met a familiar Priest from our Province and we talk many things about our province. Before he left, he gave me money for my allowance and that moment I felt that my first wish would come true. The money that he gave is what I used in going home. On the other hand, my hometown is one of the provinces in Region 7 that is why I have missed my family very much. I firmly believe that it was the answer of what I am praying to Mother Francisca.

During the semestral break, I still continue praying to Mother Francisca for my brother. When I came back here in Manila, I received a call from my brother that he found already another job.

I am very happy for such tremendous gifts I have received through the intercession of Mother Francisca. These two things happened in my life is a sign that Mother Francisca is an assistant to those who long for her intercession

Truly yours, TWE