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I am writing to give thanks to Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo for favors received through her intercession.

My nephew Roderick lost his job last December 1997. Being a family man, and while he was looking for a job, he finds it really hard trying to make both ends meet with the little amount they have saved. I see his efforts in searching work. Then in March this year, I stayed in my brother's place at Barangay Siena giving me the chance to attend mass every morning where the prayer for Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo is read after mass. I invoke the intercession of Mother Francisca for my nephew Roderick. Last June 1, Roderick got his job and is now reporting for duty.

Thank you Mothe Francisca for interceding for us in our needs. We will always pray for you, and share your goodness with others. Again, thank you.