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NOTE: Any argument contrary to the fact becomes invalid. In intercession, however, once granted by an intercessor, it cannot be an argument to the fact. The testimonies in this issues are languages of faith in the realities of miracles. As there may be contrariness in the judment of the world, yet, in the level of faith, acts of intercession are acts of faith. They are acts of miracles. They can never be contrary to the facts. They are facts of faith. Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo's intercession are facts of faith and acts of miracle on those who invoke her assistance.



I am writing to give thanks to Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo for favors received through her intercession.

My nephew Roderick lost his job last December 1997. Being a family man, and while he was looking for a job, he finds it really hard trying to make both ends meet with the little amount they have saved. I see his efforts in searching work. Then in March this year, I stayed in my brother's place at Barangay Siena giving me the chance to attend mass every morning where the prayer for Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo is read after mass. I invoke the intercession of Mother Francisca for my nephew Roderick. Last June 1, Roderick got his job and is now reporting for duty.

Thank you Mothe Francisca for interceding for us in our needs. We will always pray for you, and share your goodness with others. Again, thank you.



November 13, 2001

Dear Dominican Sisters:

This letter is an expression of my heartfelt gratitude to Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo for all the blessings and favors I have received through her intercession. I have started praying her booklet last October 14, 2001, just before our semestral break. I pray it twice a day and I am very optimistic that through her intercession my longing may come true. I wished two longings as I have started praying since it was in my hands.
First, I wish that I can go home during our semestral break and may my elder brother finds another job for he is the one supporting my daily needs. I pray unceasingly to Mother Francisca that through her intercession the favor I asked may be granted.

One day before our semestral break, I met a familiar Priest from our Province and we talk many things about our province. Before he left, he gave me money for my allowance and that moment I felt that my first wish would come true. The money that he gave is what I used in going home. On the other hand, my hometown is one of the provinces in Region 7 that is why I have missed my family very much. I firmly believe that it was the answer of what I am praying to Mother Francisca.

During the semestral break, I still continue praying to Mother Francisca for my brother. When I came back here in Manila, I received a call from my brother that he found already another job.

I am very happy for such tremendous gifts I have received through the intercession of Mother Francisca. These two things happened in my life is a sign that Mother Francisca is an assistant to those who long for her intercession

Truly yours, TWE