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Taban, Libmanan, Camarines Sur

Graces Through Mother Francisca’s Hands

It was in mid January 1999 when I found out I had a boil ( I thought) in my left breast, bud did not take it seriously for we are busy practicing for our chorale concert. Maybe due to our strenuous and hectic hours in practicing, it inflamed and was abscessed, but I didn’t mind it. However, after my graduation, it appeared again, this time a more serious one and my Mom took me to a hospital and I was advised to have a biopsy. I was mammogramed twice. With local anesthesia, they drilled a 1.5 cm. Deep hole on my left breast and took sample of the skin for testing. The result was “Benign”, (non specific.) But the pus and blood from the wound of my breast continues so we had to try for a second opinion. But before this, I kept on praying to Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo as my intercessor, to free me of this malignant disease. Wednesday was my schedule of my breast operation.

That day (morning) we went to the doctor only to find out that my breast was all dry, and the doctor expressed that “Wala pa naman tayong ginagawa, may pagbabago na! It’s a miracle” and repeated the words again “It’s a miracle!”. I couldn’t believe what I’ve heard. I was so happy and surprised that I kept praising God with tears rolling on my cheeks for His providence through the Blessed Mother Francisca. I was advised again to go to the dermatologist for any possible skin infection. They diagnosed this illness as “PAGETS” disease. Only cleanser, antibiotics and medicines for treatment. I returned to the province after a week and resumed my normal activities even if I still go to my doctor for my regular check up.

I believe the love and grace of God through the intercession of Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo healed me. I praise the Lord always and keep on praying for Mother Francisca’s elevation to sainthood.