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38 San Pedro St.
Lagao, General Santos City

At the are of 11, my son Rex Ian experienced a terrible pain at his back. The doctor found out that he had spinabifida (open spinal column at the lower bak). This kind of sickness is inborn and the chances of having it is considered one in a million. according to the doctor, it could not be operated. That means, there is a probability that the body will be paralyzed.

As a mother, I really felt so sad about the situation of my only son. I told my son that the only recourse is prayer to God. God is the healer and nothing is impossible with Him. So, my son and I started to pray through the intercession of Mother francisca. God answered our prayers. Now, my son is 15 years old, he does not complain of any pain. So we believe that God did a great miracle - he healed my son.