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5696 Lumangbayan
Plaridel, Bulacan

Dear Sisters of Sta. Catalina Convent,

I wrote to tell you how Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo touched our lives recently. It was only last July 27, 1996 when Sr. Rose and company of St. James Academy came to our chapel to introduce Mother Francisca. They encouraged everyone to call on her for our intentions and if answered, these will contribute to her becoming a saint. And now, I want to be a part of this campaign.

My youngest child, Michelle, who will turn 2 years old on August 16, got sick last July 30. She has a slight fever, up to 37.6 degre celsius only, and had sores in her mouth and tongue. Subsequently, she lost her appetite for any food, even her milk. We took her to the doctor and treated her sores, since, according to him, this is a reason of her fever. The following day, she still has the slight fever. We even called a " manghihilot " to see if she has a twisted muscle or" pilay" somewhere and she did. For the rest of the day, her temperature lowered, so the next day. I went back to work, thinking she would be fine.

At about 11 ;00 a.m., my sister called me up at the office asking me to come home because Michelle got a fever again that rose up to 39 degree celcius. My mother brought her to her pediatrician and had her tested for H-fever. The tourniquet test gave out a very positive result that she has H-fever. I was crying already because I can't imagine why this should happen to my daughter and to think that a number of kids did not survive from it. I grabbed my things, called my husband, then went home. I was crying when I suddenly remembered Mother Francisca. I prayed the rosary and between the mysteries, I called Mama Mary and Mother Francisca to perform a miracl.e, that Michelle's blood and urine tests would show negative results.

When we got home, my prayers were answered. Her blood and urine showed no signs of H-fever. Even her doctor was surprised because she can't see anything wrong with her except for the fever. So to be sure, Michelle was confined for three days for observation. Her fever dropped and her appetite went back. She recuperated fast as if nothing happened.

We went home from the hospital, and recalled the ordeal that we overcome. And you know what? It was only then that I found out that my father, mother, sister and I were asking help from the same holy per- son, Mother Francisca. We looked at each other in great amazement. Mother Francisca has made herself felt in our lives. She has given us a miracle and we're all very grateful for it.

We hope that more people would come to her to experience this wonderful feeling that we have now. She truly deserves to be a saint.
Your friend in Christ,

Mary Anne G. Camero