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St. Gabriel Academy, Caloocan City

I am Nitz Cabañero, presently teaching at St. Gabriel Academy, Caloocan City.
This testimony of how my father was cured of his cancer through the intercession of Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo.
My father, primitivo Cabañero Sr., is a widower. He is 81 years old. He wae confined at Dr.Jose C. Locsin Memorial Hospital, Silay City, Negros Occidental last January 15, 1995 - January 18, 1995 for abdominal pain. The doctors thought that it was an acute appendicitis but when they opened his stomach they found out that it was cancer of the pancreas. They said that he had only six months or a maximum of one year to live. The only remedy to relieve his pain was to take morphine. My brothers didn't want it because he will be addicted to it. All we had to do was to pray to God.

My sister received a long distance call about my father's condition. Upon hearing from her, I was so upset and could hot accept it. I could not sleep the whole night thinking of him. I prayed to God for his recovery. I could remember the homily of Cardinal Sin to Lectors and Commentators during our renewal at the Arzobispado de Manila. "Prayer is the weakness of God and the strength of man" .With that I asked the help of my pupils (Grade IV pupils last year) to pray for my father. I said to them: Let us storm heaven by means of prayer. If faith could move mountains, then prayer could move God. We did this during our Christian Living class for the whole year.
One day, while I was in my room, I saw a stampita on the floor with the Prayer for Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo. I made a deal with her in my prayer: "Mother Francisca, if you can only cure my father from his cancer, I will submit his name to the Congregation of Dominican Sisters of st. Catherine of siena so that I could send them home. She gave me some and sent them to Negros. I told my eldest sister to pray it every night after the rosary. During the nightly rosary, my father used to place the Prayer stamp ita of Mother Francisca on the wound on the abdomen that was left open by the doctor. My sister Cristina, who is a security guard at st. James Academy, asked special prayers from the Dominican Sisters ofst. James Academy. They prayed for him, too.
Last Apri11995, I went home together with my sister. My father was so thin, weak, and in deep agony. He was just waiting for the Lord to take him. "Offer your sufferings to the Lord. Have faith in Him and asked His help. At least, God has given you time to repent for your sins."

He didn't want to eat solid food, he just drank milk instead because his stomach couldn't receive it for it was so painful. Because of that, he was not able to walk for several months. I said to him: "You have to eat and be able to walk before I go back to Manila. You must strengthen your faith in God so that you will be back to normal health again. If it is His will that you will be cured, you will be healed from it."
After several months his stomach got swollen. One day my sister forgot to place a bandage on his open wound. It was a blessing in disguise his t-shirt stuck to the wound and immediately pus (nana) went out. It had a foul odor and it continued to flow. After that, my father was completely cured. Now, he can travel to the town plaza alone to join his fellow Senior Citizens. He even cooked our food when I went home for summer vacation last April 14-May 10, 1996. Last May 8, 1996, my sister accompanied him for a check-up. Dr. Abastillas, his attending physician, was surprised to diagnose him as clinically cured of his pancreatic carcinoma. He said it was a miracle. Even my father's friends were surprised, too.
Thanks be to God that He cured my father through the intercession of Mother Francisca. Thanks also to Mother Francisca, all the Dominican Sisters of St. James Academy and the Couples for Christ, the Charismatics in our place and my pupils, who helped us in praying for the recovery of my father.
God bless us all!