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26 Dahlia Street, Sampaguita Village
San Pedro 4023, Laguna

I would like to write about favors granted through the intercession of Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo.
1. I prayed that the result of my breast examination be negative of cancer.
I was already operated twice for cysts removal. Recently, I felt again lumps in both breasts. Unlike in previous occasions, I felt the lumps were hard and swollen, and are visible from outside. In fact, I showed them to my lady friend who is a doctor and she advised that I undergo the usual procedures. I submitted myself to a mammography, ultra sound and fluid aspiration. Before that however, I prayed hard to God and asked for Mother Francisca's intercession wishing that the lumps are not malignant.
Thanks God, the examinations proved negative.
2. My friend got seriously ill. The doctors found a blood clot between his liver and intestines and could not tolerate food intake. The best solution was surgery but because of his age (he was 69 then), the doctors could not operate on him. The doctors gave him medicines but they said that if the medicines will not give good effect, then there is no more hope.
Again, I prayed for Mother Francisca's intercession. After three months in the hospital, my friend recovered and is doing well now.
Thanks God and thanks to Mother francisca too.