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Siena College
Quezon City

Everything around us is a proof of God's existence. But, is there really such a thing as miracle? Nobody can really prove there's really such a thing unless he experienced something unexplainable. And I can consider myself a lucky one because as an ordinary person and a sinner, experienced something unthinkable. Mother Francisca made the difference.
All these years I never knew that an ailment that can eventually end my life. It started when I was still in high school when I first experienced to cough fresh blood. No symptoms whatsoever if I'll have an attack except for a bubbling sound in my chest then blood follows through my mouth and nose with force so much so that I can mess up the bowl in our comfort room at home. I just thank God because its always at home that I experienced this and not anywhere else. My attack usually occurs during early mornings. Everybody. At home were frightened and their first reaction was to rush me to the nearest hospital. My parents even thought I have tuberculosis. At the hospital I had chest x-ray, ECG and blood tests. Thank God 1 have all these medical examinations had normal results. We didn't stop since that first consultation. I had consulted other doctors for their opinions but the same process of medication was given to me. So every time I had an attack, all I do was to take Hemostan capsule to stop my bleeding, put ice chips in my mouth and rest. I was able to survive the succeeding attacks by following such "first aid". This ailment is so traumatic because I can't say when, where and how will be the next attack. So all these years I just consider my ailment a part of my system and its not that serious. -
Till one morning, October 2, 1.994, Sunday, I had an attack at home when I was still sleeping.. As usual I took my medicine and rested for a while. The next day, I Monday, I decided to go to our family doctor, Dr. Irene T. Ubungen, in St. Lukes Medical Center for check-up. Unfortunately, she didn't allow me to go home anymore but be confined in that hospital to finally undergo a series of medical examinations needed to know what causes my bleeding. Then the doctor who did my Bronchoscopy saw my right arterial vein lobe malfunctioning. So other examinations followed like chest x-rays, gastroscopy, C. T. Scanning and others. On the final analysis, the doctors told me that I really have to undergo surgery to remove this malfunctioning vein above my right lung.
Upon hearing this, I cried so much because its just like a heart by-pass operation, a major operation. When Miss Prechie Faraon visited me in the hospital, she told me to make a devotion to Mother Francisca because her father was saved from an eye operation through a devotion to Mother Francisca. She even told me "magiging Santo na siya kaya malakas ang healing power niya." So that's what " I did including my parents. I prayed fervently to Mother Francisca to help me in my condition and I claimed that I will be just fine.
In the hospital I was already given the necessary orientation about the operation by the assistant doctor of our family doctor. In fact, when my father asked this doctor how much will it cost us for this kind of operation, the doctor said more or less P 150,000.00 for the operation alone. The doctor even told me that if I will not be operated on, my ailment could endanger my life and it could even be the cause of my death. So I asked him the question, "am I really that serious?" The doctor said yes, "kasi marami ka ng nailabas na dugo". While the doctor was telling all these things, 1 had a visitor, Mrs. Tanty Arrogante, who heard everything. So, she herself said to just pray and if the operation will be the answer, go on with it.. I cried a thousand times, can't sleep and feel troubled. I even asked God why?
So when I was already advised to undergo Andiogram, the last left of the series of medical exams before the operation, I was crying and telling Mother Francisca that this is it, my turning point. Begging for her " intercession through our heavenly Father, to be on my side on that. very moment, my guiding force. True to her words that she is the mother of the sick, the poor and the youth, after the Andiogram, I was awakened by my doctor to tell me that I'm just doing fine, nothing is wrong with me and how do I feel? When I heard that my heart shouted "My God, you did it thank you very, very much, thank you Mother Francisca, you're really here in our midst. Since I was under sedation, I know I was crying so hard inside. All the doctors who took care of me were surprised! Our family doctor even presented my case ,at the Medical Board Inquiry of St. Lukes for final analysis. So to finally end their doubt, I was advised again for another C.T. Scanning. So I prayed again to Mother Francisca and asked her to help me; While waiting for my turn at the scanning room, I was praying that short but meaningful prayer of Mother Francisca. The result of the C. r. Scanning was far more surprising because not even a trace or mark was seen compared to my previous scanning, and the same doctor did the analysis.

So our family doctor was happy because I was able to survive the crisis but felt challenged in my case since it is a rare kind of ailment and congenital at that. There are so many questions that cannot be answered and there's no need to ask why because its only HIM who knows everything, our doctor continued. Jokingly, she said, "0, ano, nadaan sa dasal ano?"
So medically speaking, our doctor said, my ailment can just be considered a case of Bronhiactesis or internal bleeding but there's no need for surgery. The bleeding will occur when something is aggravated in my internal organs so I was advised to refrain from too much fatigue, stress, lifting of heavy things, severe cough and any work that may cause chest and back pains.
With what happened to me, those painful medical examinations, sleepless moments, emotionally troubled not only me but my parents as well and having spent P55,OOO.OO for a 10-day stay in the hospital were all compensated with that miraculous hea!ing touch of Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo. Thank you Mother Francisca.
All these wonderful things are a proof of God's existence and presence. Our Lord is a living God, full of love. The stronger the faith we have in HIM, the more we can feel His existence within us.