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NOTE: Any argument contrary to the fact becomes invalid. In intercession, however, once granted by an intercessor, it cannot be an argument to the fact. The testimonies in this issues are languages of faith in the realities of miracles. As there may be contrariness in the judment of the world, yet, in the level of faith, acts of intercession are acts of faith. They are acts of miracles. They can never be contrary to the facts. They are facts of faith. Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo's intercession are facts of faith and acts of miracle on those who invoke her assistance.


Siena College
Quezon City

Everything around us is a proof of God's existence. But, is there really such a thing as miracle? Nobody can really prove there's really such a thing unless he experienced something unexplainable. And I can consider myself a lucky one because as an ordinary person and a sinner, experienced something unthinkable. Mother Francisca made the difference.
All these years I never knew that an ailment that can eventually end my life. It started when I was still in high school when I first experienced to cough fresh blood. No symptoms whatsoever if I'll have an attack except for a bubbling sound in my chest then blood follows through my mouth and nose with force so much so that I can mess up the bowl in our comfort room at home. I just thank God because its always at home that I experienced this and not anywhere else. My attack usually occurs during early mornings. Everybody. At home were frightened and their first reaction was to rush me to the nearest hospital. My parents even thought I have tuberculosis. At the hospital I had chest x-ray, ECG and blood tests. Thank God 1 have all these medical examinations had normal results. We didn't stop since that first consultation. I had consulted other doctors for their opinions but the same process of medication was given to me. So every time I had an attack, all I do was to take Hemostan capsule to stop my bleeding, put ice chips in my mouth and rest. I was able to survive the succeeding attacks by following such "first aid". This ailment is so traumatic because I can't say when, where and how will be the next attack. So all these years I just consider my ailment a part of my system and its not that serious. -
Till one morning, October 2, 1.994, Sunday, I had an attack at home when I was still sleeping.. As usual I took my medicine and rested for a while. The next day, I Monday, I decided to go to our family doctor, Dr. Irene T. Ubungen, in St. Lukes Medical Center for check-up. Unfortunately, she didn't allow me to go home anymore but be confined in that hospital to finally undergo a series of medical examinations needed to know what causes my bleeding. Then the doctor who did my Bronchoscopy saw my right arterial vein lobe malfunctioning. So other examinations followed like chest x-rays, gastroscopy, C. T. Scanning and others. On the final analysis, the doctors told me that I really have to undergo surgery to remove this malfunctioning vein above my right lung.
Upon hearing this, I cried so much because its just like a heart by-pass operation, a major operation. When Miss Prechie Faraon visited me in the hospital, she told me to make a devotion to Mother Francisca because her father was saved from an eye operation through a devotion to Mother Francisca. She even told me "magiging Santo na siya kaya malakas ang healing power niya." So that's what " I did including my parents. I prayed fervently to Mother Francisca to help me in my condition and I claimed that I will be just fine.
In the hospital I was already given the necessary orientation about the operation by the assistant doctor of our family doctor. In fact, when my father asked this doctor how much will it cost us for this kind of operation, the doctor said more or less P 150,000.00 for the operation alone. The doctor even told me that if I will not be operated on, my ailment could endanger my life and it could even be the cause of my death. So I asked him the question, "am I really that serious?" The doctor said yes, "kasi marami ka ng nailabas na dugo". While the doctor was telling all these things, 1 had a visitor, Mrs. Tanty Arrogante, who heard everything. So, she herself said to just pray and if the operation will be the answer, go on with it.. I cried a thousand times, can't sleep and feel troubled. I even asked God why?
So when I was already advised to undergo Andiogram, the last left of the series of medical exams before the operation, I was crying and telling Mother Francisca that this is it, my turning point. Begging for her " intercession through our heavenly Father, to be on my side on that. very moment, my guiding force. True to her words that she is the mother of the sick, the poor and the youth, after the Andiogram, I was awakened by my doctor to tell me that I'm just doing fine, nothing is wrong with me and how do I feel? When I heard that my heart shouted "My God, you did it thank you very, very much, thank you Mother Francisca, you're really here in our midst. Since I was under sedation, I know I was crying so hard inside. All the doctors who took care of me were surprised! Our family doctor even presented my case ,at the Medical Board Inquiry of St. Lukes for final analysis. So to finally end their doubt, I was advised again for another C.T. Scanning. So I prayed again to Mother Francisca and asked her to help me; While waiting for my turn at the scanning room, I was praying that short but meaningful prayer of Mother Francisca. The result of the C. r. Scanning was far more surprising because not even a trace or mark was seen compared to my previous scanning, and the same doctor did the analysis.

So our family doctor was happy because I was able to survive the crisis but felt challenged in my case since it is a rare kind of ailment and congenital at that. There are so many questions that cannot be answered and there's no need to ask why because its only HIM who knows everything, our doctor continued. Jokingly, she said, "0, ano, nadaan sa dasal ano?"
So medically speaking, our doctor said, my ailment can just be considered a case of Bronhiactesis or internal bleeding but there's no need for surgery. The bleeding will occur when something is aggravated in my internal organs so I was advised to refrain from too much fatigue, stress, lifting of heavy things, severe cough and any work that may cause chest and back pains.
With what happened to me, those painful medical examinations, sleepless moments, emotionally troubled not only me but my parents as well and having spent P55,OOO.OO for a 10-day stay in the hospital were all compensated with that miraculous hea!ing touch of Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo. Thank you Mother Francisca.
All these wonderful things are a proof of God's existence and presence. Our Lord is a living God, full of love. The stronger the faith we have in HIM, the more we can feel His existence within us.


26 Dahlia Street, Sampaguita Village
San Pedro 4023, Laguna

I would like to write about favors granted through the intercession of Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo.
1. I prayed that the result of my breast examination be negative of cancer.
I was already operated twice for cysts removal. Recently, I felt again lumps in both breasts. Unlike in previous occasions, I felt the lumps were hard and swollen, and are visible from outside. In fact, I showed them to my lady friend who is a doctor and she advised that I undergo the usual procedures. I submitted myself to a mammography, ultra sound and fluid aspiration. Before that however, I prayed hard to God and asked for Mother Francisca's intercession wishing that the lumps are not malignant.
Thanks God, the examinations proved negative.
2. My friend got seriously ill. The doctors found a blood clot between his liver and intestines and could not tolerate food intake. The best solution was surgery but because of his age (he was 69 then), the doctors could not operate on him. The doctors gave him medicines but they said that if the medicines will not give good effect, then there is no more hope.
Again, I prayed for Mother Francisca's intercession. After three months in the hospital, my friend recovered and is doing well now.
Thanks God and thanks to Mother francisca too.


St. Gabriel Academy, Caloocan City

I am Nitz Cabañero, presently teaching at St. Gabriel Academy, Caloocan City.
This testimony of how my father was cured of his cancer through the intercession of Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo.
My father, primitivo Cabañero Sr., is a widower. He is 81 years old. He wae confined at Dr.Jose C. Locsin Memorial Hospital, Silay City, Negros Occidental last January 15, 1995 - January 18, 1995 for abdominal pain. The doctors thought that it was an acute appendicitis but when they opened his stomach they found out that it was cancer of the pancreas. They said that he had only six months or a maximum of one year to live. The only remedy to relieve his pain was to take morphine. My brothers didn't want it because he will be addicted to it. All we had to do was to pray to God.

My sister received a long distance call about my father's condition. Upon hearing from her, I was so upset and could hot accept it. I could not sleep the whole night thinking of him. I prayed to God for his recovery. I could remember the homily of Cardinal Sin to Lectors and Commentators during our renewal at the Arzobispado de Manila. "Prayer is the weakness of God and the strength of man" .With that I asked the help of my pupils (Grade IV pupils last year) to pray for my father. I said to them: Let us storm heaven by means of prayer. If faith could move mountains, then prayer could move God. We did this during our Christian Living class for the whole year.
One day, while I was in my room, I saw a stampita on the floor with the Prayer for Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo. I made a deal with her in my prayer: "Mother Francisca, if you can only cure my father from his cancer, I will submit his name to the Congregation of Dominican Sisters of st. Catherine of siena so that I could send them home. She gave me some and sent them to Negros. I told my eldest sister to pray it every night after the rosary. During the nightly rosary, my father used to place the Prayer stamp ita of Mother Francisca on the wound on the abdomen that was left open by the doctor. My sister Cristina, who is a security guard at st. James Academy, asked special prayers from the Dominican Sisters ofst. James Academy. They prayed for him, too.
Last Apri11995, I went home together with my sister. My father was so thin, weak, and in deep agony. He was just waiting for the Lord to take him. "Offer your sufferings to the Lord. Have faith in Him and asked His help. At least, God has given you time to repent for your sins."

He didn't want to eat solid food, he just drank milk instead because his stomach couldn't receive it for it was so painful. Because of that, he was not able to walk for several months. I said to him: "You have to eat and be able to walk before I go back to Manila. You must strengthen your faith in God so that you will be back to normal health again. If it is His will that you will be cured, you will be healed from it."
After several months his stomach got swollen. One day my sister forgot to place a bandage on his open wound. It was a blessing in disguise his t-shirt stuck to the wound and immediately pus (nana) went out. It had a foul odor and it continued to flow. After that, my father was completely cured. Now, he can travel to the town plaza alone to join his fellow Senior Citizens. He even cooked our food when I went home for summer vacation last April 14-May 10, 1996. Last May 8, 1996, my sister accompanied him for a check-up. Dr. Abastillas, his attending physician, was surprised to diagnose him as clinically cured of his pancreatic carcinoma. He said it was a miracle. Even my father's friends were surprised, too.
Thanks be to God that He cured my father through the intercession of Mother Francisca. Thanks also to Mother Francisca, all the Dominican Sisters of St. James Academy and the Couples for Christ, the Charismatics in our place and my pupils, who helped us in praying for the recovery of my father.
God bless us all!


Kaya po ako sumulat sa inyo ay upang ipabatid sa inyo na natupad po ang isa sapinakahihiling ko kay Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo. simula po ng mapasa- kamay ko ang mga panalangin kay Mother Francisca na ipinamigay ninyo noon sa simbahan ng San Jose ay inaraw- araw ko na halos ang pananalangin sa kanya. Ako po ay may 2 mabigat na problema na iniluhog sa kanya. Idinalangin ko sa kanya na ipamagitan ako sa Amang nasa langit doon nga sa mga problema ko. Ang una ay ang tulong na pinansiyal para matubos ko ang lupa ng mga magulang ko na nakasangla at pangalawa ay tungkol sa aking health problems. If I remember right, mga 1986 pa lang ay nagpa-uJtrasound ako dahil may nararamdaman akong masakit dito sa aking kanang bahagi ng tiyan. At doon nga ay may nakitang ovarian cyst na sinlaki ng 50 centavo coin. sabi naman ngdoctor noon ay hindi dapat tanggalin dahil maliit pa. Kapag lumaki daw at saka na lang tatanggalin. Binale walako na ito. Hindi na ako nagpa-ul.trasound dahil sa takot na baka nga lumaki ito. Pero dumating itong April 1997. Iba na ang .sakit at tumitindi hindi lang sa kaliwang bahagi kundi. pati na sa gitna. Hindi ko na ito natiis. at napilitan .lkong magpatingin sa OB-Gynecologist ko. Bago pa man ito sumakit ulit ng matindi ay nananalangin na ako kay Mother tFrancisca na sana ay hindi lumaki ang bukol ko sa ovary. Abut-abot ang dasal ko sa kanya at sa iba ko pang mga patron. Bukod doon ay nagpa-pray over ako sa mga leaders namin sa prayer group na kasapi ako. At thanks God pagkatapos ng series of tests at laboratory exams ay nakitang nawala ang cyst ko sa ovary. Ang nakita ay napakaliit na myoma na hindi namandapat na ikabahala dahil baka raw hindi na ito lumaki pa dahil 47 yrs. old na ako at malapit ng mag-menopause. At nalaman ding mayroon akong cervicitis na magagamot naman sa pamamagitan ng colposcopy at cryotherapy.. Nagpapasalamat ako ng malaki kay Mother Francisca dahil tinugon niya ang aking pakiusap sa kanya na ipamagitan ako sa ating Panginoon. Thank you Mother for the great help you made,. Lahat ng worries ko tungkol sa aking health problem ay nabura na. lsa na lamang ang ipinakikiusap kosa kanya at ito ay ang aking financial problem na alam kong tutulungan din ako ni Mother Francisca. At nagpapasalamat din ako sa kanya dahil kahit paano ay kumikita ako sa aking pagtitinda. Pakiramdam ko ay magaan ang pagpasok sa akin ng pera para matugunan ko ang marami ko pang pangangailangan simula ng manalangin ako kay Mother Francisca. Malaking tulong sa akin si Mother Francisca at pinatutunayan kong ako'y napaghimalaan at paghihimalaan pa. Sana po ay mapabilang siya sa magiging santo.

Yours in Christ,
Mrs. Margarita M. Vi ajar


5696 Lumangbayan
Plaridel, Bulacan

Dear Sisters of Sta. Catalina Convent,

I wrote to tell you how Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo touched our lives recently. It was only last July 27, 1996 when Sr. Rose and company of St. James Academy came to our chapel to introduce Mother Francisca. They encouraged everyone to call on her for our intentions and if answered, these will contribute to her becoming a saint. And now, I want to be a part of this campaign.

My youngest child, Michelle, who will turn 2 years old on August 16, got sick last July 30. She has a slight fever, up to 37.6 degre celsius only, and had sores in her mouth and tongue. Subsequently, she lost her appetite for any food, even her milk. We took her to the doctor and treated her sores, since, according to him, this is a reason of her fever. The following day, she still has the slight fever. We even called a " manghihilot " to see if she has a twisted muscle or" pilay" somewhere and she did. For the rest of the day, her temperature lowered, so the next day. I went back to work, thinking she would be fine.

At about 11 ;00 a.m., my sister called me up at the office asking me to come home because Michelle got a fever again that rose up to 39 degree celcius. My mother brought her to her pediatrician and had her tested for H-fever. The tourniquet test gave out a very positive result that she has H-fever. I was crying already because I can't imagine why this should happen to my daughter and to think that a number of kids did not survive from it. I grabbed my things, called my husband, then went home. I was crying when I suddenly remembered Mother Francisca. I prayed the rosary and between the mysteries, I called Mama Mary and Mother Francisca to perform a miracl.e, that Michelle's blood and urine tests would show negative results.

When we got home, my prayers were answered. Her blood and urine showed no signs of H-fever. Even her doctor was surprised because she can't see anything wrong with her except for the fever. So to be sure, Michelle was confined for three days for observation. Her fever dropped and her appetite went back. She recuperated fast as if nothing happened.

We went home from the hospital, and recalled the ordeal that we overcome. And you know what? It was only then that I found out that my father, mother, sister and I were asking help from the same holy per- son, Mother Francisca. We looked at each other in great amazement. Mother Francisca has made herself felt in our lives. She has given us a miracle and we're all very grateful for it.

We hope that more people would come to her to experience this wonderful feeling that we have now. She truly deserves to be a saint.
Your friend in Christ,

Mary Anne G. Camero


Provincial Assesor's Office
5200 Calapan, Or. Mindoro

Pagbati! Mabuhay tayong lahat!

Nagpapasalamat po ako sa Panginoon sa lahat ng pagpapala Niya sa amin.
Nakatanggap po ako ng dasalin buhat sa Mother Francisca Commission. Nagkataon na ang lahat kong mga anak ay masasakitin at halos lahat ng kinikita namin ay sa gamot nagagastos.

Noong Biyernes, August 22, sa pag,- uwi ko ng 6:00 p.m., ay naratnan kong, may lagnat ang isa kong anak. Sinabi ko sa husband ko na dalhin na namin sa doktor dahil two days ago lamang, ay may sakit siya at nagantibiotic na. Hindi pumayag ang, mister ko sapagkat alam niya na wala kaming sapat na pera na pampadoktor. Palaging, 39.5 ang .lagnat niya, panay ang punas namin at paglalagay ng malamig na towel sa noo niya. Nakatatlong painom na rin namin ng biogesic ay di pa rin pinapawisan at napakabilis ng tibok ng kanyang pulso. Hatinggabi ay naglaga ang mister ko ng kalamyas na pampunas. Wala pa ring pagbabago. Nagdasal kami na sana ay gumaling na ang anak ko. Ini lay-hands siya ng mister ko. Ginising ko at ginamot din ng anak kong dalaga na a-week ago lamang, ay dumalo sa pranic healing seminar na ibinigay sa mga seminarista

Naisipan kong kunin and dasalin kay Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo. Nagdasal ako ng taimtim at hiniling ko na tulungang gumaling and anak ko. after more or less 20 minutes, sinimulan na siyang pagpawisan. Alas dos na noon ng madaling araw.
Ano man and nangyari, sino man ang tumulong sa lahat ng hiningan ko ng tulong ng mga banal sa kalangintan, nagpapasalamat ako sa Panginoon sa paggaling ng anak ko at sa lahat ng naging kasangkapan sa paggaling niya. Ngayong araw na ito ay nakakapason na siya.

Nais ko rin pong humingi sa inyo ng tulong...

Maraming salamat!
Mrs. Josie Cuasay

38 San Pedro St.
Lagao, General Santos City

At the are of 11, my son Rex Ian experienced a terrible pain at his back. The doctor found out that he had spinabifida (open spinal column at the lower bak). This kind of sickness is inborn and the chances of having it is considered one in a million. according to the doctor, it could not be operated. That means, there is a probability that the body will be paralyzed.

As a mother, I really felt so sad about the situation of my only son. I told my son that the only recourse is prayer to God. God is the healer and nothing is impossible with Him. So, my son and I started to pray through the intercession of Mother francisca. God answered our prayers. Now, my son is 15 years old, he does not complain of any pain. So we believe that God did a great miracle - he healed my son.

Taban, Libmanan, Camarines Sur

Graces Through Mother Francisca’s Hands

It was in mid January 1999 when I found out I had a boil ( I thought) in my left breast, bud did not take it seriously for we are busy practicing for our chorale concert. Maybe due to our strenuous and hectic hours in practicing, it inflamed and was abscessed, but I didn’t mind it. However, after my graduation, it appeared again, this time a more serious one and my Mom took me to a hospital and I was advised to have a biopsy. I was mammogramed twice. With local anesthesia, they drilled a 1.5 cm. Deep hole on my left breast and took sample of the skin for testing. The result was “Benign”, (non specific.) But the pus and blood from the wound of my breast continues so we had to try for a second opinion. But before this, I kept on praying to Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo as my intercessor, to free me of this malignant disease. Wednesday was my schedule of my breast operation.

That day (morning) we went to the doctor only to find out that my breast was all dry, and the doctor expressed that “Wala pa naman tayong ginagawa, may pagbabago na! It’s a miracle” and repeated the words again “It’s a miracle!”. I couldn’t believe what I’ve heard. I was so happy and surprised that I kept praising God with tears rolling on my cheeks for His providence through the Blessed Mother Francisca. I was advised again to go to the dermatologist for any possible skin infection. They diagnosed this illness as “PAGETS” disease. Only cleanser, antibiotics and medicines for treatment. I returned to the province after a week and resumed my normal activities even if I still go to my doctor for my regular check up.

I believe the love and grace of God through the intercession of Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo healed me. I praise the Lord always and keep on praying for Mother Francisca’s elevation to sainthood.

Holy Trinity College Puerto Princesa City

Enero 23, 2000, kaming mga delegado ng Bikaryato Apostoliko ng Palawan ay sumakay sa WG&A papuntang Maynila upang dumalo sa Marian Festival on the Holy Trinity sa PICC. Masayang-nasaya at enjoy na enjoy ang aking mga kasama habang kami ay nasa barko, samantalang ako naman ay nahihilo at suka nang suka. Hindi ako nakakain hanggang sa dumating kami sa pier.

Nang dumating kami sa Maynila naging mabuti-buti na rin ang aking pakiramdam. Nakapagpahinga kami ng dalawang araw bago nagsimula ang seminar. Madaling araw ng ika- 27 ng Enero, ay nagisnan ko na lang na masakit na masakit ang tiyan ko. Nahiya akong gisingin ang mga kasama ko dahil maagang-maaga pa. Nagdasal na lang ako kay Mother Francisca na pagalingin ako dahil gusto kong makadalo ng seminar namin kinabukasan. Nang may ika-apat na ng umaga, hindi ko na matiis ang tindi ng sakit na aking nadarama, kaya lumipat ako sa kabilang bahay lahat na paraan ay ginawa nila para malunasan ang sakit. Nang medyo nagbawas-bawas ang sakit sumama ako sa PICC dahil medyo okey na rin ang pakiramdam ko. Habang lulan kami ng taxi ay naramdaman ko muli na masakit ang tiyan ko. Dumating kami sa PICC, at habang nagpapatala ang aking mga kasama ako naman ay nasa isang tabi at namimilipit sa sakit. Halos mawalan ako ng malay sa tindi ng sakit. Hiniling ko sa aking kapwa guro na dalhin ako sa malapit na ospital. Isinugod nila ako sa Manila Doctor’s Hospital.

Ayon sa pagsusuri ng doctor ulcer ang sakit ko at pinaimom ako ng Maalox liquid at pinahiga sa loob ng tatlongpong minuto kaya nabawasan na naman ang sakit. Bumalik kami sa PICC kahit hindi pa lubusang naalis ang sakit. Sinunod ko ang pag-inom ng gamot apat na beses sa loob ng isang araw ayon sa resita ng doctor, kaya medyo bumuti-buti na rin ang pakiramdam ko. Natapos ko rin ang tatlong araw naming seminar sa awa ng Diyos. Kinabukasan ay nakatakda na kaming bumalik sa Palawan. Habang nasa eroplano kami kunwari natutulog ako pero hindi nila nahalata ang nararamdaman ko. Mag ika-11:00 ng tanghali ng lumapag kami sa Palawan at hinatid ako ni Ate Lina sa bahay. Magmula alas onse at kalahati ng umaga hanggang ika-apat ng hapon tiniis ko ang matinding sakit ng aking tiyan, kasabay ng pagsusuka. Halos ika-lima na ng hapon ng hindi ko na matiis ang sakit, dinala ako sa doktor. Subalit tinanggihan ako at inirekomenda ako na dalhin sa ospital, dahil hindi niya ako kaya. Pinasok ako sa Palawan Adventist Hospital mga alas sais ng gabi at maraming pagsusuri ang ginawa ng doktor. Na x-ray ako, ultra sound, at ECG para malaman kung ano talaga ang sakit ko. Mag-iika sampu ng gabi na ng malaman na kailangan akong operahan dahil puputok na ang appendicitis ko. Ipinasok ako sa “operating room” sa ganap na ika-sampu at kalahati ng gabi. Sa ganong kalagayan hindi ko pa rin makalimutan na humingi ng tulong kay Mother Francisca at panay ang dasal ko sa kanya na huwag niya akong pabayaan. Nang nabuksan na ang aking tiyan, tatlo ang nakita, una pumutok na ang aking mayoma, may bukol ang kaliwang oveary at puputok na ang aking appendicitis. Natapos ang operasyon ng ganap na alas dose ng hating gabi.

Naging matagumpay din sa awa ng Diyos at sa tulong ni Mother Francisca ang una kong pagpapaopera. Tatlong araw ang nakalipas matapos ang matagumpay na pag-oopera, ay sumakit na namang muli ang aking tiyan. Nabahala ang aking mga kapatid at doktor dahil katatapos ko lang maoperahan. May lumalabas sa NGT na galing sa tiyan ko na kulay green. Ini X-ray na naman ako ng maraming beses pero hindi makita kong ano and dahilan. Nagdesisyon ang doktor na operahan ako muli. Sa kalagayan kong ito hindi pa rin ako nawawalan ng pag-asa. Linakasan ko naman ang aking loob at muli akong humingi ng tulong kay kay Mother Francisca. Alam ko na talagang naroon siya sa mga oras na iyon. Ang pangalawang pagsubok sa aking buhay noong Pebrero 5, 2000 ay lalong nagpatibay sa aking pananalig sa kanya. Infected na ang tiyan ko ng sampung araw sabi ng doktor ng pangalawang operasyon ko.

Ginawa ng doktor ang lahat ng kanyang makakaya para mailigtas lamang ang buhay ko at mapagaling. Sino ang mag-aakala na sa kalagayan kong iyon ay malampasan ko ang pangalawang pagsubok sa aking buay. Sa oras na yaon ay alalang-alala ang lahat lalo na aking mga kapatid at mga pamangkin. Marami ang nag-aalay ng dasal para sa aking kaligtasan/ Kaya ang lahat na aking hiniling kay Mother Francisca ay natupad. Ipinangangako ko sa aking sarili na ang nalalabi kong buhay ay iaalay ko unang-una kay Mother Francisca sa aking mga kapwa dahil naniniwala ako na kung hindi sa tulong niya at kung hindi sa taos puso kong pagdadasal at paghingi ng tulong sa Panginoon sa pamamagitan niya ay hindi ako gumaling, kahit gaano man kagaling ang doktor na nag-opera sa akin. Ngayon ay magaling na ako at nakabalik sa aking pagtuturo. Parang isang masamang panaginip lang ang nangyari sa akin.

Maraming, maraming salamat sa bagong buhay na ipinagkaloob mo muli sa akin Panginoon sa pamamagitan ni Mother Frnacisca del Espiritu Santo.

Good morning Sisters, Personnels, Friends, and fellow children of Mother Francisca.

Hello! I’m Bea from Grade 10 – St. Dominic. I’m here to give a witness speech about Mo. Francisca’s Intervention in my life. Honestly, nung na hesitant ako. Why? Because in the next few minutes, I’m about to tell you my personal encounter with God through the help of Mo. Francisca. This life-changing event happened a couple of years ago and only my family, and my closest friends knew it.

January 27, 22015 – That was the last day of exam and umaga palang nakararamdam na ako ng pain in my lower abdomen. I thought my monthly visitor will just visit me again pero hindi pala. The entire day namimilipit lang ako sa sakit, di ko na alam gagawin ko to ease the pain. My mom is a doctor and I told her “Ma, hindi ko na po kaya. Magpapaconfine na po ako.” And at 6 pm, I was rushed to the hospital. Akala naming usual abdominal pain or stomach ache lang. Para makasigurado, nagpa-ultrasound ako and doon nakita na there’s huge space near my ovary. As in parang fluid lang and it’s not normal. So the doctor advised na magpa-CT scan ako para malaman kung ano talaga yun. So, I got discharged the day after.

January 30, 2015 – As early as 8 am nagpa-CT scan ako. It took around 30 minutes I guess. Then after lunch, pumasok ako. Despite of all the pain, pumasok ako, isang subject na lang, pinasukan ko pa. Ganon kasi akong klaseng student. Tsaka stargazing kasi. My classmates witnessed yung tatayo lang ako ng chair halos umiyak pa ako sa sakit. Yung tipon mula sa classroom naming hanggang info, 30 minutes ko nilalakad with matching iyak pa yan. Kahit sila naiyak nalang kasi literally, the struggle is real. That afternoon, sinundo ako ng parents ko. Nakuha na nila yung result and nakausap na nila yung surgeon ko. Pagsakay ko palang ng kotse sabi na agad ni mommy, “Ooperahan ka na.” As simple as that. Isa lang nasabi ko. Sabi ko “weh?” pero behind that weh is a fear of dying. Yun agad.

January 31, 2015 – Kinausap na ako ng surgeon ko and I was diagnosed with ovarian cyst. Kailangan na talaga tanggalin kasi 8 cm na ito at kapag umabot ng 10 cm, puputok na ito at magiging cancer. 4 pm that day, nakaconfine na ako sa East Avenue Medical Center.

February 01, 2015 – nandoon sa room lahat ng relatives ko all the way from Nueva Ecija. So nag-uusap kami. Yeah may mga jokes and my cousin even said “Feb na, march 21 concert na ng ID. Pagaling na.” lahat ng encouraging words nasabi na ata nila sa akin at nakangiti lang ako. My lolo from my mother’s side call me right at that moment, siya kasi yung as in pinaka-kaclose ko. Sabi niya, “Apo, wag mo kakalimutan magdasal. Nandiyan lang Siya.” And right at that momento, umiyak ako. Hindi lang ako, but my mom cried too. That was the first time na umiyak siya dahil sa kondisyon ko. The tension in the room was felt. Lahat kami natahimik na lang. So, at exactly 12 pm sinundo na ako ng mga nurse para dalhin na sa operating room. They injected me an antibiotic and believe it or now, 6th floor palang sumusuka na ako sa nerbyos tapos 1sat floor pa yung operating room. Then, I got operated. The operation took 3 hours . And they removed 2 cysts, my right ovary, my right fallopian tube, and my appendix.

February 04, 2015 – I was discharged from the hospital and I went back to school on February 11, 2015 to cope up in all activities I”ve missed.

February 25, 2015 – I went back to my OB for my follow-up check up and did transrectal ultrasound and there we find out that my left ovary has 12 remaining cyst, 1 cm in size. So hindi pa pala ako fully healed kasi my 12 pa. I was about to take pills but my mom refused because it might have an effect on me when I get older. So, wala akong tinake na kahit anong meds. In short, bahala na. My next check –up will be on August pa. In the span of 6 moneths, and dami pang pwedeng mangyari. Yung 12 ko na cyst pwede pang lumaki and worst, pwede pa ako maoperahan ulit. I as so scared to any possibilities na pwedeng mangyari. Sabi ko nalang, “Lord ikaw nap o talaga ang bahala.”

Maybe now, you’re wondering kung ano yung intervention sa akin ni Mo. Francisca. So here it is.

Month of August, Mo. Francisca Month. During our class in CLE. Our CLE teacher, Miss Mendoza asked us to write our prayer intention through the intercession of Mo. Francisca and drop it the prayer box. So nagbakasakali ako nab aka magwork nga. I wrote my intention with the exact words, “Lord, grant me complete healing. Please. I Know that through Mo. Francisca, I will be healed.” And after that, every night before I sleep, I always pray to Him for my complete healing and after my personal prayer will always be the Prayer for Mo. Francisca. Consistent ko ginawa yun. Every night. Walang patid. Kasi yun na lang yung pinanghahawakan ko. My faith and trust in Him is all I have. And God heard my prayers. I’m telling you, it’s 100% effective.

August 23, 2015 – I went back to my OP to see what happened. Kung lumaki ba yung cyst or worst, kung ooperahan nab a ako. Surprisingly, all cysts were gone. Walang marka na para bang walang nangyari. Lumabas ang result, normal ovary, 6 months ago, polycystic ovary yun. Yung 12 cysts nay un bigla na lang naglaho.

My mom and my OB, both doctors, hindi makapaniwala sa result. Walang meds kahit ano. Science can never explain what happened.

Hearing the result turned my sadness into joy. Turned my worries into constant happiness. Dun ko talaga nasabi na “In my life where everything was wrong, something finally went right.” Because God, Siya yung pinakatamang aspeto ng buhay ko. My compass, my northern star, and my anchor, Mo. Francisca is indeed powerful more than what we think. Mo. Francisca is God’s blessing to us. Through her, mas napabilis yung hiniling ko kay God. Her help is one of the greatest blessing that I’ve received in my entire life and my life will never be enough to thank her dahil inilapit niya ako sa Diyos.

This miracle is really a life-changing one. In times of trials, just remember na nandiyan lang Siya, handing tumulong. God will always provide. Lahat ng hinihiling natin sa Kanya ay ibibigay niya sa atin sa tamang oras, tamang sitwasyon, at tamang pagkakataon. Just have faith.

Mother Francisca, intercede for us.

Thank you and God bless us always!