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6. Patience

From the gift of communion arises the duty to build fraternity, in other words, to become brothers and sisters in a given community where all are called to live together. From accepting with wonder and gratitude the reality of divine communion shared with mere creatures, there also arises conviction of the need to make it always more visible by building communities “filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit”.

Understanding the composition of a community who are men or women “from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and tongues” is born “from God” which is a living sign of the primacy of the love of God who works wonders, and of the love for God and for one’s brothers and sisters as manifested and practiced by Jesus Christ.

Mother Francisca being the Prioress has had the opportunities to practice her love for God and for her sisters by accepting every Beata with patience, as narrated by Fr. Juan de Santo Domingo. He wrote: “There were some Beatas who lived devoutly and persevered for some years. However, there were others who at times they gave in to chatting unnecessarily. These eventually found their activities disgusting in the Beaterio. They wanted to leave the Beaterio to the extent of writing the Archbishop telling him of how rigorous their state of life was. Things were getting out of hand with these Beatas. Fr. Juan wanted to know the names of these Beatas by asking Mother Francisca but he did not. He knew that these were mortifying Mother Francisca and she must have been patient with them while they were in her office.

At another occasion, while they were in Santa Potenciana, she waited patiently again with prayers and tears knowing not of their return to the Beaterio. Patiently, she bore the restlessness of some of the Beatas who would like to go home with their parents. With pain in her heart, she endured patiently the many Beatas who did not obey her because they claimed they had been dispensed from the vow of obedience and therefore they are not obliged to obey her. It grieved her deeply when a Beata used her as an excuse for leaving.

Jesus saw all these and Mother Francisca profited from them because she bore them for the love of Him to whom she gave her life.