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5. Sensitiveness

Mother Francisca was a woman who so aware of the poor social conditions of her time responded with compassion.

Francisca grew up in a milieu of the 17th and 18th century Manila (Intramuros) beset with two prominent social disorders: poverty and lack of education for poor young native girls. These two social conditions of the time in particular in Manila were caused by: 1. many poor soldiers married to natives were at the service of the king and when they die they leave their daughters in very miserable state. Furthermore, having been orphaned, they almost lived in the streets or main doors of the houses of other people exposed to many danger of losing themselves; 2. There was no house yet founded with the intention to educate the poor young Indians.

It can already be identified that Mother Francisca even still as a widow was conscious of the needs of the poor so much so that she would deprive herself of what were necessary to be able to give them to the needy.

However, when the opportune time came for her to serve the young, she readily petitioned the Archbishop that in the enclosure of the Beaterio they be allowed to have young native girls to educate them in the faith and Christian perfection. This the Archbishop approved Furthermore, the Beaterio will provide these young native girls protection, greater security and custody.

For Mother Francisca and the Beatas this was the way to which God was calling them. In the letter to the Archbishop, she wrote: “We are firm in our good purpose and want to begin definitely with full commitment this way of our vocation and this life of greater perfection to which God is calling us”.