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3.b. from desire to completion

In 1706, upon their return to the Beaterio from the two years and 3 months exile in Santa Potenciana, Mother Francisca intensely desired to have the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel which she asked very humbly from the Archbishop. But Archbishop Camacho did not grant it.

When Archbishop Francisco de la Cuesta, the new archbishop came to visit them for the first time, Mother Francisca made the request again with so much persistence. However, Fr. J. de Santo Domingo being present gave her signs to abandon the topic. Realizing that she could not succeed in getting it, she thought of having a passage to the church of San Juan de Letran. She told Fr. Juan but he did not agree with the plan for reasons of his own.

Mother Francisca was silent for sometime. When Fr. J. Sto. Domingo finished his term, again she started more urgently to tell him about the passage even to the extent of telling him that she heard sounds near the head-board of her bed, which was in front of the choir of San Juan de Letran. But Fr. J. Sto. Domingo who did not pay attention to revelations he thought that those noises were products of her imagination. However, her desire to have the Blessed Sacrament was not weakened in the least.

Mother Francisca thought of telling the new Provincial about the project, who received it well. She even told him about the noises. She spoke to Licentiate Asturis who was sympathetic to her, and who obtained the license from the Governor very easily. Meanwhile, Fr. Provincial spoke to the Archbishop and the latter agreed. Then Fr. J. Sto. Domingo spoke to the authorities of the City, the councilmen and the alcaldes.

Fr. Juan, who opposed the construction of the passageway from the Beaterio to the Choir of the Church of San Juan de Letran, was the one who carried out the plans until its completion.

For Mother Francisca, the passageway is a symbol of her great love for Jesus in the Eucharist which held a central position in her spirituality. Her ardent desire to have the Beatas lived intimately with Jesus made it possible for the Beaterio to be present to His Church and her mission for the past 315 years.