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2. Religious Observance

Mother Francisca, even before becoming the Prioress of the Beaterio was already conscious of her first duty that of being a good Christian faithful to God’s law of love. When she made her profession, she accepted the Rule and pledge obedience. She and the Beatas started to observe the Rule from the hour of Compline in their Oratory.

Mother Francisca manifested great zeal in the observance of the rules and for the greater honor and glory of God, so that her opinions were highly regarded even in the admission of candidates requesting the habit of the Order.

The Lord permitted that the Beaterio and its Prioress undergo the most terrible trials before they achieved a certain kind of security. The Beaterio was closed and Mother Francisca and the Beatas were confined in Colegio de Sta. Potenciana. Their habits had been removed amidst copious tears capable to moving the most hard-hearted. Nevertheless, she did not weaken in such a difficult situation nor lose tranquility of soul, nor presence of mind, nor did she slacken in the regular observance of her duties. She did not consent to the neglect of the observance of the rules of the community.

According to Fr. Francisco Gaínza, OP, in his Milicia: “It is easy to understand the life which Francisca could lead once she was enclosed in the Beaterio, center of her most ardent vows. In religious observance she was excellent. She was austere with herself, kind to others and charitable to all. She was an indefatigable worker and an inexorable promoter of regular observance.

Observing the Rule of the Third Order to the letter, not only did she subdue her body by fast, prayers, mortifications, and abnegation of her own will, but she also raised her indefatigable soul to the pinnacle of perfection.

Indeed she was not only a lover of regular observance but also its guardian as shown in governance as Prioress of the Beaterio.