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1. Humility

Mother Francisca was a woman who courageously and simply expressed what inspired her but at the end she humbly submitted to the will of her superiors. The last test of her humility was at her deathbed. Her first act of humility was, when she asked pardon from all her daughters as well as from her confessor and spiritual director, Fr. J. de Santo Domingo. But what offenses could she have committed against her sisters? Was it because she admonished them or scolded them because of their lack of spiritual devotion that caused them repugnance in their activities of the Beaterio or even missed community prayers? Could it be possible that all these could have caused them pain? Or some negligences on her part as Prioress?

For all these pains she caused, she asked for pardon humbly from her daughters and from Fr. Juan de Santo Domingo.

But for Fr. Santo Domingo such gesture of asking pardon was not enough. He told her that she should also pardon those who offended her.

For Mother Francisca she must have forgiven them without them asking pardon from her – those who bore ill-feelings against her, those who complained about her, those who were dissatisfied with her and even disobeyed her especially while in Sta. Potenciana.

Her answer then to Fr. J. de Santo Domingo: “Nobody offended me”. However, Fr. J. Santo Domingo insisted and that she would do it in a loud voice. Humbly she obeyed.