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She was, however, blamed for being very rigid in her interior dispositions to guarantee the fulfillment of the religious obligations, however, all this was necessary in order to imprint on the new institution that spirit of fervor and observance which had distinguished her at all times. What purified most the inexhaustible patience of our venerable religious was the boldness and insistence of His Lordship Camacho in wanting to subject the beaterio to his jurisdiction. There is no need of repeating the tribulations and bitterness for which she suffered, as did all her Sisters and leave them narrated in previous books.

Her constancy having been tried in so many difficult situations and never having lost courage a bit with regards to her religious and penitent life she reached the age of 63 years full of merits and virtues. For her greater consolation, says a text, the Holy Eucharist was administered to her twice a week and having known herself that the end of her existence was fast approaching she asked for Holy Unction with joyful and ardent desire and a little later she slept sweetly in the arms of the Lord who received her in His bosom as His beloved spouse. She died on the 24th of August, 1711, leaving in this capital a pleasant odor of sanctity.